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Time To Look Forward… Or Was It?

The past couple of weeks have not been easy in recovery.  I have had increased anxiety and a drop in mood across some of the days and it has been a bit more dippy in the recovery rollercoaster than it was for a while. Things have been feeling tougher again and the prospect of keeping […]

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Eating Disorder Recovery Brain Fog

In a perfect world, eating disorder recovery would involve our being able to grasp a clear and consistent understanding on what recovery takes. We would hold onto what our ‘prescription’ was & even though executing it isn’t easy, we would keep a basic understanding of the plan, why it was such and the hoped for […]

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My Recovery Mantra!

Warning – use of swearing – don’t read if easily offended!!! Ok… I was never going to post this because I thought it might scare or it might offend people. However, I’m often asked what led me to jump from those murky recover waters we often find ourselves in… That space between in the illness […]

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Every Small Win In Recovery Counts And Should Be Celebrated!

One thing that makes me sad and mad about eating disorders (true there are many things but I’ll just rant about this one for now!) is that the illness will rarely let us realise just what we have achieved in a day or even a moment. I often hear people in the eating disorder community […]

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A Resigned To Recovery Mindset

Recently I feel I have been doing better in recovery than ever, with great days of eating LOTS more, resting more, accepting weight gain. On bad days though I’ve still struggled to eat my usual ‘safe’ recovery amount or keep to a conservative recovery routine without intense anxiety. Of course recovery is ups & downs […]

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Severe And Enduring Eating Disorders (SEED)

Being diagnosed with an eating disorder is not a joyous occasion but it provides a medical reasoning for the food rules, anxieties, behaviours, weight manipulation & feeling of craziness that an eating disorder brings to our lives. Once diagnosed we can feel relief & hope – now diagnosed, surely treatment can help us get better? […]

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Sick Enough?

Eating disorders are cruel. They make us depressed, anxious, obsessive, compulsive, routine driven and rigid… causing us to isolate and become very disabled. They make us deprive our body of essential nutrition and push it to physical limits most would not survive at. And yet despite this, we still strongly believe that we are ‘not […]

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Holding On Through Dark Days

Having survived a few storms lately & aware some of you are in the thick of one now, I thought this quote appropriate & was reflecting more on it. There have been times in this illness & now in recovery, when darkness has descended on me. Sadness, despair, loss of hope, distress so strong I […]

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Does Eating Disorder Recovery Need A Light Bulb Moment?

A light-bulb moment? Yesterday, I explained, in my post, More About Me!, that turning 40 this year was part of the wake up call I needed to take meaningful action against the eating disorder that had plagued my life for well over a decade. But with an eating disorder we often wait for a light […]

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More About Me!

I’ve recently been asked to say more about me & why I started this serious recovery attempt now. Firstly, though – this is my not so happy story but I know we all have sad stories & I’m just sharing this as people have expressed interest. I do know many of you have had it […]