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An Angry Post!!

Today I got very angry at the eating disorder… perhaps nothing unusual about that. But tonight it’s not so much my eating disorder I am angry at. I’m pissed off about every eating disorder out there. I am mad at this illness for the pain I know so well that it has inflicted and is […]

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Communicating Our Need For Help With An Eating Disorder

Earlier this week there was devastating news about the death of a young woman from anorexia – an incredible young woman who was a valued member of the eating disorder recovery community I belong to.  The new of Lilli’s death has affected me deeply & more than similar tragedies have in recent years. I think this […]

Eating Disorder Recovery Emotions

Being Vulnerable In Recovery To Heal

I’ve been reflecting on the feeling in recovery of having two versions of myself… Every person on this planet has their inner child.. But with an eating disorder and to recover, it is the inner child that needs nurturing for a while: fed, loved and released from the cast iron grip of the illness. I […]