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No Pain, No Gain In Eating Disorder Recovery

This post is a sharp reality hit about eating disorder recovery. I write this post because recognising how real and unavoidable this truth is, if full recovery is ever to actually be realised, took me far too many years in my recovery but it need not be so for others. And the truth I want […]

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Hysteria In Recovery!

Well, it turns out that at times a little hysteria really does help. Lately in recovery I’ve been getting higher levels of anxiety than I was… I have always had anxiety with eating and resting more, gaining weight etc but the past week or so it had been escalating. I know that in recovery it […]

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Swearing Helps Eating Disorder Recovery

Anyone else find that they go through life rarely swearing but when it comes to eating disorder recovery or considering anything to do with an ED the language becomes less than polite? Maybe it’s just me… but I don’t think so! Recently I’ve turned into a person who can curse with the best of them. […]

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Panic From A Sandwich!

Oh to one day be able to mindlessly eat a sandwich like this and it be such a normal part of the day that if someone asks what I had for lunch I have to spend a few moments to remember! I have to believe that day will come. But today having this sandwich was […]