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Held Hostage By Food At Home

I wish I could claim to have come up with the phrase of being ‘held hostage’ by the eating disorder with the foods we have at home but I can’t. However, it is something I find myself falling victim to and I think others might relate… This term refers to when you are perhaps food […]

Anxiety In Recovery Fear Foods Recovery Rewiring

Panic From A Sandwich!

Oh to one day be able to mindlessly eat a sandwich like this and it be such a normal part of the day that if someone asks what I had for lunch I have to spend a few moments to remember! I have to believe that day will come. But today having this sandwich was […]

Anxiety In Recovery Fear Foods Rewiring

Facing The Milkshake Fear

A trip out today for a bit of nourishment…This banana milkshake was the eventual result! This was definitely a harder challenge on more than one level… Firstly, when I ordered it I had no idea what it was going to look like… but thought a milkshake sounded like something I could handle! Secondly, unlike other […]

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Using Negative Emotions To Force Change

These cinnamon Danish pastries have been taunting me for a while now… When I see them I keep looking, picking them up, putting them back and allowing ED that small victory.Today had been a tough day of high anxiety and frustration at ED and myself for not beating it more.🥮🥮🥮🥮🥮This afternoon I connected with all […]