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Hunger Signals In Eating Disorder Recovery

**This post was originally written for my Instagram account** Slowly in recovery, I am learning more about my body’s hunger signals, gradually trusting them and that they will change and ‘normalise’ in time, when my body is ready (a long way yet!). For years due to the eating disorder, I did not eat according to […]

Anxiety In Recovery Fear Foods Recovery Restriction


Recently in recovery I’ve been eating quite a lot of cake. Over the past few weeks my body has been guiding me to cake and cookies and as best as I could I’ve responded and given it these baked goods! After years of having tasted little in the way of delicious cakes and cookies it […]

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Food Does Not Need To Be Perfect!

We don’t need to have perfect food… did you get that memo?? We just gotta eat enough of it to break down our fears and restrictions and food rules… And we will- one bite at a time. Mouthful by mouthful, whether crying, laughing or just feeling numb, we keep eating our not always picture perfect […]

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About The Butter…

A Post Originally Written For Instagram Towards The Start Of My Recovery: Let me talk about butter… I think many of us with an eating disorder develop fears and avoidance of many food types and a common one is butter or spreads on bread / toast / bagels / pancakes etc etc Despite eating much […]