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The Dangers Of Negative Energy Balance

Over the past week or so my anxiety has risen, my mood dropped, life has felt more overwhelming than it has for a long time and I have felt more physically and mentally exhausted. Doing battle with the illness in each moment has been much more of an uphill struggle and I had become filled […]

Eating Disorder Recovery Emotions Fear & Anxiety In Recovery Recovery Motivation

Why I Will Continue No Matter How Hard Recovery Is

I’m currently at a point in recovery where the negative aspects of the process can be intense & overwhelming. The honeymoon phase of enjoying more and new foods & the novelty of recovery actions being a little more possible is well & truly over. It feels the hard work has set in with not even […]

Eating Disorder Recovery

Cake AND Pie… Recovery Quote

Break every rule!!! How many times if you have an eating disorder has the automatic response, before you even know it’s happened, to an offering of food been a firm,“No, thank you!”…?? Is it time to actually piss off that side of your brain and when offered cake say, “yes please… and double helpings!!!”… Show […]