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The Torment Of Food Decisions With An Eating Disorder

Wow… those early days of recovery eating could be pure mental torture when it came to trying to make a food decision. The agony and processing that an eating disorder brain will put us through in making a pure and simple choice of what to eat next is not even describable. And the sad thing […]

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Exposure Therapy

For many people a picture like this of delicious food depicts a happy occasion and a relaxing time… To me, a picture like this depicts hard work, pain and my version of exposure therapy! Most people who first learn that restrictive eating disorder treatment entails having to rest a lot and eat a lot of […]

Eating Disorder Recovery Fear & Anxiety In Recovery Restriction & Fear Foods


Recently in recovery I’ve been eating quite a lot of cake. Over the past few weeks my body has been guiding me to cake and cookies and as best as I could I’ve responded and given it these baked goods! After years of having tasted little in the way of delicious cakes and cookies it […]

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A Custard Slice That Represents Change!

Today’s custard slice. Yes, I have eaten these before…. However, this custard slice reflected another step in my eating disorder recovery. This week, I have gone from despair, high anxiety and at times barely tolerable distress to establishing a new plan and recovery commitment within myself that has left me in a much calmer state […]

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Learnings In Recovery Thus Far…

It’s two months today since I set up my Instagram recovery account and a lot has changed in that time. I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some of the things I’ve learnt in recovery so far… – When anxiety is rising it’s usually because the ED has become more powerful, I’m engaging in […]

Eating Disorder Recovery Restriction & Fear Foods

Sugar Is Vital!!

Why Sugar (& Jelly Babies) In Eating Disorder Recovery Is Vital! Many of us in recovery experience strong & ongoing cravings for sugar & sweet foods. This can happen at any stage of recovery but is often very strong in the early stages or if we have inadvertently gone into a greater energy deficit. People […]

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Food Does Not Need To Be Perfect!

We don’t need to have perfect food… did you get that memo?? We just gotta eat enough of it to break down our fears and restrictions and food rules… And we will- one bite at a time. Mouthful by mouthful, whether crying, laughing or just feeling numb, we keep eating our not always picture perfect […]

Eating Disorder Recovery Restriction & Fear Foods

Restriction in Eating Disorder Recovery

I’ve recently been thinking about restriction… We could be eating thousands more calories a day & to the world look like we are doing incredibly. However, we might still be restricting. Restriction can lie in every decision. ED is sneaky & tries to negotiate. We need to pick up on & address the negotiations. You […]

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Food Can’t Hurt!

A Post Originally Written For Instagram Towards The Start Of My Recovery: Eating more or outside the eating disorder’s rules in recovery can be the most terrifying thing. But…. at times like this it is bringing it back to the truth – No amount of food that we eat, no matter the time of day, […]

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‘Healthy’ And ‘Unhealthy’ Food Labels – Ugh!

A Post Originally Written For Instagram Towards The Start Of My Recovery: Yesterday I ate (amongst other things): rocky road, iced Belgian bun, ice cream, magnum, cake, chocolate, trifle, crumpets and cheesy goods… In our diet obsessed world of today, many would consider this diet ‘unhealthy’ and look upon it with horror. However, I defy […]

Eating Disorder Recovery Rewiring / Neuroplasticity

Listening To Recovery Cravings

A Post Originally Written For Instagram Towards The Start Of My Recovery: This was a veg, lentil, curry concoction which I had for lunch yesterday.This meal was fine but on reflection I think I allowed judgement to interfere with what I actually wanted to eat and what my body really needed and wanted. Up until […]