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“Quasi Recovery” – An Inevitability In Eating Disorder Recovery?

Is the dreaded ‘quasi-recovery’ an inevitability in the recovery process from an eating disorder? This is a question that occurred to me recently. Before I continue though, for those who are not aware of this term, ‘quasi recovery’ refers to the half-way (or maybe a bit more than half-way) recovery state that many people hit […]

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Neural Rewiring – This Video Demonstrates It!

This is a slightly different post today. I don’t usually share things like this but I am currently studying neuroscience and part of the course is about brain plasticity which of course is very relevant to eating disorder recovery. With an eating disorder, we have a brain that is hard wired to perform disordered behaviours, […]

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Eating Disorder Recovery – A CheerLeading Post!

If you are here now, reading recovery blogs online and you have an eating disorder then you are already a superhero because whether you have taken any other positive steps into recovery yet or not, you are obviously not just accepting life in the illness and at the very least, you are contemplating the terrifying […]

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Recovery Drifting – Terrifying!

Eating disorder recovery is often described as a journey because… well because it is really.  You certainly don’t just pop a magic pill and the next day you are recovered (if only!!). Eating disorder recovery is generally quite a messy, painful, bumpy process of tears, snot, frustration and quite a lot of food. But it […]

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Eating Disorder Recovery Brain Fog

In a perfect world, eating disorder recovery would involve our being able to grasp a clear and consistent understanding on what recovery takes. We would hold onto what our ‘prescription’ was & even though executing it isn’t easy, we would keep a basic understanding of the plan, why it was such and the hoped for […]

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Brain Overload!

Over the last two days I really felt I had gone into brain overload. A few things are going on in the background to my life… Things that are stressful for anyone to deal with, let alone when in eating disorder recovery. So with this and trying to keep pushing myself in recovery and continue […]

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Does Eating Disorder Recovery Need A Light Bulb Moment?

A light-bulb moment? Yesterday, I explained, in my post, More About Me!, that turning 40 this year was part of the wake up call I needed to take meaningful action against the eating disorder that had plagued my life for well over a decade. But with an eating disorder we often wait for a light […]

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Will Recovery Ever Be ‘Good Enough’?

Will our efforts in recovery ever feel ‘good enough’ to us? As I write this, I have had another day in recovery land…. and recovery is long and tiresome at times. It is never ceasing having to focus on eating more, not letting the eating disorder into decisions on the food side and keep alert […]

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You Are Never Failing At Recovery

Why I don’t believe there is such a thing as ‘failing at eating disorder recovery’ EVER!!! (& this applies to you too!) On many occasions in the years I have had an eating disorder, I told myself that I’ve failed at recovery, should be ashamed, that it’s too late now for me to recover – […]