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Learnings From Recovery After 3 Months

After two months of starting this recovery, I wrote about what I’d learnt at that point. This is an extension, with the further learnings from month three. At the start of month three I adopted a faster approach & revised plan, which has had its ups & downs but generally proven beneficial! I plan to […]

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Tough And Emotional Days

I try to keep my posts here honest & so today I want to be open about my last day or so… Over the past week or more I have adopted a new recovery approach, taken on a new mindset & it has been going really well.. I’ve been making more progress than I ever […]

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Recently in recovery I’ve been eating quite a lot of cake. Over the past few weeks my body has been guiding me to cake and cookies and as best as I could I’ve responded and given it these baked goods! After years of having tasted little in the way of delicious cakes and cookies it […]

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Learnings In Recovery Thus Far…

It’s two months today since I set up my Instagram recovery account and a lot has changed in that time. I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some of the things I’ve learnt in recovery so far… – When anxiety is rising it’s usually because the ED has become more powerful, I’m engaging in […]