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Eating Disorders – Mental & Life State – Not Weight As A Marker Of Recovery!

Please can we stop using weight as a marker of diagnosis, severity of illness and recover in eating disorders??

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My Recovery Mantra!

Warning – use of swearing – don’t read if easily offended!!! Ok… I was never going to post this because I thought it might scare or it might offend people. However, I’m often asked what led me to jump from those murky recover waters we often find ourselves in… That space between in the illness […]


Little Reminders…

Keep going, keep munching…Don’t question what or when or why.Don’t think about what you had earlier or will have later.Don’t even let the notion pass your mind that eating should be compensated for.Trust your body to know what it wants and to do what it needs to do with what it is given.Never restrict again.Food […]