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Every Day Has To Be More And Every Tiny Lapse Matters In Recovery!

The eating disorder mindset is truly unique but involves a lot of thought patterns that are completely irrational yet common to most of us with this illness. One of these is the way that the eating disordered brain will cling onto what we did yesterday, or on the same day last week perhaps, in terms […]

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One Of The Hardest Stages Of Recovery?

You have committed to recovering, decided you are going to eat and rest more, ‘try’ to accept weight gain (sigh!) and you have set out on making brave changes. You are muddling through how to make yourself eat not just more but ‘enough’…. yet there is also still an intense fear of eating ‘too much’. […]

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Is The “Permission” To Recover Permanent?

Deep down, all I’ve wanted to do for years is spend time curling up in a blanket, being warm, feeling safe while eating good food… but in the illness this freedom was never ‘allowed’…. Well, not without intense eating disorder generated fear and anxiety attached so it was barely even contemplated. Now I give myself […]

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A Resigned To Recovery Mindset

Recently I feel I have been doing better in recovery than ever, with great days of eating LOTS more, resting more, accepting weight gain. On bad days though I’ve still struggled to eat my usual ‘safe’ recovery amount or keep to a conservative recovery routine without intense anxiety. Of course recovery is ups & downs […]