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Why I Won’t Be Joining The “Strong Not Skinny” Craze In Eating Disorder Recovery

Within the eating disorder recovery community there is a large following of the ‘strong not skinny’ movement and a focus on this in terms of recovering from a restrictive eating disorder. Being the naive person that I can be at times, on first hearing the term ‘strong not skinny’ when it was used in relation […]

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Calorie Counting In Recovery

Before the eating disorder I didn’t know what a calorie was – no clue and I could not have cared less either. I ate what & when I wanted and had no rules or restrictions around foods & life was good! As I became ill, I started to notice energy values -numbers on packets I’d […]

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Restriction in Eating Disorder Recovery

I’ve recently been thinking about restriction… We could be eating thousands more calories a day & to the world look like we are doing incredibly. However, we might still be restricting. Restriction can lie in every decision. ED is sneaky & tries to negotiate. We need to pick up on & address the negotiations. You […]

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Money Spending With An Eating Disorder

A Post Originally Written For Instagram Towards The Start Of My Recovery: This morning I had a mini win over this illness over an issue that I think many with an eating disorder experience, but that is rarely recognised….Money spending and allowing yourself new things. Before this eating disorder I was careful with money but […]