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When Eating Disorder Treatment Creates More Fear

Over the past week, I was reflecting on my years of illness with anorexia and the periods of time I spent in eating disorder treatment (with more than one admission to an eating disorder unit). These are not the most happy memories to look back on but as I did so, I realised with no […]

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Words Matter In Eating Disorder Recovery

This post is called, ‘Words Matter In Eating Disorder Recovery’ but actually the words we use in day to day life matter in everything, all the time! So, although in this post, I will be relating how we use words and language to talk or think about ourselves or our lives in respect to eating […]

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Compulsive Movement Is Purging!

Why I believe compulsive movement in eating disorders is as serious & needs to be treated as such as any other form of purging… Somebody who purges through vomiting or laxatives to compensate or manage anxiety after eating is performing an action that is difficult for anyone to justify as non-disordered. Those of us who […]

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Held Hostage By Food At Home

I wish I could claim to have come up with the phrase of being ‘held hostage’ by the eating disorder with the foods we have at home but I can’t. However, it is something I find myself falling victim to and I think others might relate… This term refers to when you are perhaps food […]

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Exposure Therapy

For many people a picture like this of delicious food depicts a happy occasion and a relaxing time… To me, a picture like this depicts hard work, pain and my version of exposure therapy! Most people who first learn that restrictive eating disorder treatment entails having to rest a lot and eat a lot of […]

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Brain Rewiring Feels Clunky!

They say rewiring the brain is like trying to write with your left hand if you are right handed.  It feels wrong, takes immense concentration and is exhausting… … but slowly you develop the skill. Right now sitting, eating, rewiring to recover feels so wrong… takes more concentration than being a contestant on Mastermind and […]

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A Hairdresser Trip Is A Big Deal With An Eating Disorder!

Today, I went to the hairdresser! To anyone reading this who doesn’t have an eating disorder, you will be thinking, ‘what’s the big deal?’. But I think a lot of you who have this illness will know why this is noteworthy. How many of us with eating disorders put off or just don’t go to […]

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Radical Acceptance Of Weight Gain

In a previous post I spoke about the confusion that weight gain in recovery was causing… In this post I want to address the need for radical acceptance of weight gain and body changes in recovery, if we want to recover. In my years of illness I always hated being underweight… the healthy me wanted […]

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One Week Into Full Recovery Method And Hope!

A week ago I started a new recovery approach. After a few weeks of high anxiety levels, distress & to-ing & fro-ing with the ‘right way’ to do recovery I needed to find a way through. I don’t work with ‘specialists’ or under medical guidance & my route to recovery is my own messy & […]

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What Does It Mean To ‘Let Go’?

So often in eating disorder recovery we hear people advocate to just ‘let go’ of the illness or claiming that they are ‘letting go’ in their recovery. For a long time I’ve longed to ‘let go’. It sounded liberating, joyous & like a weight would lift from suffocating my life & drift away! But I […]