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Time To Look Forward… Or Was It?

The past couple of weeks have not been easy in recovery.  I have had increased anxiety and a drop in mood across some of the days and it has been a bit more dippy in the recovery rollercoaster than it was for a while. Things have been feeling tougher again and the prospect of keeping […]

Emotion Recovery

Emotions Returning

A much needed good old fashioned cup of tea goes well with a pain au chocolat and was a temporary moment of relief from what was a highly emotional afternoon and evening. It is definitely true that an eating disorder numbs us of all emotion…I think in the last ten years of illness I felt […]

Anxiety In Recovery Recovery

Recovery Is Hard

We talk a lot about the food side of eating disorder recovery and the new food hurdles we are jumping and delicious cuisine we are enjoying… but we often fail to talk about the fact that recovery is not all fun and games!!……Since starting this recovery, the tissues have been regularly needed for the meltdowns, […]