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Ensure Your Environment Supports Rewiring In Eating Disorder Recovery

When in eating disorder recovery, there are a number of factors that can make a real difference to how much progress you make in terms of recovery changes and neural rewiring. I have written about some of these in a separate post but in this post, I wanted to highlight the importance of ensuring that […]

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What’s Your Why For The Eating Disorder?

I have recently been reading an excellent book by Johan Hari called, “Lost Connections”. A book that I highly recommend if you have not read it. The book is predominantly about depression and the journey that the author, Johan Hari took to try to find an explanation for the causes of depression, beyond the explanation […]

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Recovering In Less Than Perfect Circumstance

Sometimes your personal situation or circumstances won’t feel right or conducive to recovery… There will be so many times the eating disorder will try to convince you to wait until the right time or when you are in the right place mentally or physically to continue with your recovery journey. BUT the longer we let […]

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Don’t Talk To Me About Diets!

A Post Originally Written For Instagram Towards The Start Of My Recovery: FACT – Eating disorders are triggered in people with the genetic make-up for the illness by their going into a ‘negative energy balance’, frequently through embarking on an innocent diet. FACT – Eating disorders are debilitating, leave the person in the illness with […]