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Resting Is So Hard

Resting & relaxing can be the hardest & most exhausting thing in the world! In eating disorder recovery, we are always told we must rest, relax & heal. To most people, this probably sounds wonderful & peaceful – creating images of lolling about on a sofa, taking naps, reading books, watching Netflix & generally just […]

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Eating Disorder Recovery In Hot Weather

The summer can make recovery from an eating disorder even tougher, although the sun also has benefits! On the hottest day ever in the UK today, many without eating disorders were struggling, but I know I’m not the only one who had an ED adding an extra layer of difficulty to surviving the scorching sun. […]

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Cold Turkey Movement Compulsions?

Cold Turkey To Overcome Movement Compulsions?? This is a question I’ve asked myself many times – how we approach stopping exercise & compulsive movement in eating disorder recovery? Cold turkey or gradually decrease? I don’t think there is a one size fits all approach. Recovery is messy & complicated & takes a lot of trial […]

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Guilt To No Guilt!

Things I WILL NOT feel guilty about having done yesterday (despite what this eating disorder says!): …– Eating well .– Having a Rocky Road slice out with my mum .– Eating sweet goods .– Ice cream on a warm day . .– Iced buns because I was craving them .– Enjoying Chocolate – Cake – […]