Who Is This Recovering Nomad?


Thank you for stumbling onto my website…

I am Helen, a woman who was sailing happily through life – working as a nurse, newly married, body accepting and with a very good relationship with food when a misguided exercise kick led me to spiral into negative energy, triggering genes I did not know I carried to develop anorexia.

At the age of 27 years I found myself with a severe restrictive eating disorder (anorexia nervosa)… which after 13 years of illness and unsuccessful spells in ‘treatment’ left my life depleted in every sense of the word.

Hitting the age of 40 in April 2019, I finally knew that it was do or die.

I either do everything that it was going to take to recover – put myself through the pain and the torment and seek the support I would need to do that or I could not guarantee that I would be able to stay alive.

At the end of May 2019 I started a journey into real recovery – not the half in / half out attempts I had made before… This time it was all in or not at all!

And I am doing it!!! For the first time in 13 years I feel I am gaining good ground in not just weight restoration ‘recovery’ but in fixing my head as well as my body and facing fears like I never have before.

I have been told over the years that I am a chronic case of anorexia, I have an enduring illness and that the best I could hope for in my future was. ‘maintaining my quality of life with the illness’. I refuse to accept that fate – I believe fully anyone can recover from an eating disorder no matter age or length or severity of illness…. and no one should be left without hope.

In May I started an Instagram account to document my recovery, largely for myself (@Recovering_Nomad).

This website is an extension of that. Here I share both my instagram posts and other ramblings or information!

And.. as I recover, I will be working harder too in advocating for better understanding and acknowledgement of where eating disorder treatment is currently failing patients and what needs to change….

For more on this – please visit my page: Changing Adult Eating Disorder Services

If you do have any other questions for me or want me to write about anything in particular then please let me know here on my contact page or through my Instagram account!

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And if you do want to read even more of my story – please do so in this post: 

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