Recovery Motivation

Yes – You ARE A Unicorn!!


Release your inner unicorn!!
One thing we are often told with an eating disorder is that we are not the unicorn when it comes to this illness & recovery…

This partly refers to the symptoms we get – the bizarre thought patterns, the compulsions & behaviours that we all think we are the only ones mad enough to experience, until we find out it is common to most who have an eating disorder.

And when we are told we are not unicorns in recovery it is about the fact that if we put in the recovery work – unrestricted eating and resting and shaking off all those big and small ED behaviours, our body will do what every one else’s does….
It will heal, repair and our body weight will go to our genetic ‘set point’ if we just trust and don’t try to manipulate it!

The eating disorder will tell us we will become obese, elephantile & hippo like if we let go in recovery but that is never the case and none of us are a unicorn when it comes to that!

But, I think ED & body aside, we ARE all unicorns…

Within we are all unique, with unique characteristics, values and traits.

And so we are all special and we are all us… and only we are really us!

So, as Dr. Seuss says,
there is no one alive who is youer than you..”
…. that is the truth!

And that unique you-ness has nothing to do with the eating disorder – we are not our illnesses.

That uniqueness is the person and the spirit within us, who longs to be free and thrive outside the chains of an ED and who would be a unique unicorn, no matter the physical form but who often gets lost behind the illness.

Let’s dig into our unique us-ness for a while – find that person who might be a little drowned by the eating disorder at the moment but is screaming to get out…

Let’s let our full unicorn selves out!

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