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Today it’s about the FATS!!

I regularly try to check in with myself in recovery to work out where I am doing ok, where I am doing well and where I am still letting the eating disorder take too much of an upper hand.

I am doing ok at eating a lot more food, resting more, the weight is going on and I appear to the outside world like I am doing a good job at recovery.

But – one thing, that only I would really know, is that my dietary fat intake is still a little too much under the eating disorder’s control.

There is still a lingering fear of the fats in foods that I need to address.

Don’t get me wrong – I do eat a good amount of dietary fat in my food at the moment… but I still find myself avoiding foods that are very high fat content or limiting the number of foods containing higher amounts of fats that I will eat in the day.

Sadly, the Fat Factor still influences my food choices more than I would like!

Why this fear of fats??

Well, I suppose like most fears it is some illogical eating disordered belief system that dietary fat = immediate weight gain and ED has a terror of this, although as I gain I am learning that a bigger body is not to be feared & is more than ok!

So, I thought I would remind all of us with these pesky eating disordered ‘fat is bad’ thoughts why fats are in fact good!

The benefits of body fat:

– Insulate & protect our organs
– Vital to cell structure
– Aids immunity
– Helps keep us warm & regulate body temperature
– Gives us healthy skin, hair & nails
– Helps us absorb essential vitamins A,D,E & K
– Act as building blocks to create hormones
– Help balance blood sugars
– Aid brain function – our brain is 60% fat!

Fats help keep us healthy, functioning as a human should and really keep us alive!

Therefore eating more fat should not be a fear.  My body has a lot of repairs to make right now – it NEEDS high fats to do this.

It is therefore time for action on the Fear of the Fats.

I must start to eat unlimited foods with higher fat content – start to rewire my brain from this fear…. show it that fat is not going to kill me and actually fat is a great nutrient that also makes foods taste much better!

Don’t Fear The Fats!

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