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Continuing The Climb Into Eating Disorder Recovery… A Tough Decision

In my last post I wrote about the reflections that I had been making on my eating disorder recovery so far – where I was at the start of this journey and where I am now in recovery and life terms. And I suppose, the truth is that yes, I’ve come a bloody long way […]

Eating Disorder Recovery Fear & Anxiety In Recovery

Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Between a rock and a hard place in eating disorder recovery… That’s where I currently feel I’m at in this stage of my recovery journey. The initial stage is almost a honeymoon stage… foods are suddenly more ‘allowed’ as you start to disobey ED rules and eat a bit less restrictively and drive down on […]

Eating Disorder Recovery Recovery Motivation

Recovering In Less Than Perfect Circumstance

Sometimes your personal situation or circumstances won’t feel right or conducive to recovery… There will be so many times the eating disorder will try to convince you to wait until the right time or when you are in the right place mentally or physically to continue with your recovery journey. BUT the longer we let […]